IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Reports Q1 FY23 Results

IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited, a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical (APIs) and
specialty chemicals reported results for the first quarter ended June 30, 2022 as highlighted
herein below:
Q1FY23 Standalone Financial Highlights

Commenting on the performance of the Company during the quarter, Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi,
Executive Director & CEO said, “Over the next few years, our focus will be on diversifying into
other speciality chemical products and increase the share of non-Ibuprofen business. The
investment planned in setting up a new plant will aid the Company in strengthening its position in
both, Domestic and Export markets, thereby helping in improving our market share. Over the
course of next few quarters, the Company’s plan to explore new geographies and de-risk the
business with continuous backward integration model will play out leading to improvement in
revenue as well as profitability.”
“Various business challenges of softening demand, rising inputs costs and volatility in chemical
prices are slowly getting normalised as can be seen from recovery in EBITDA margins. However, we
believe that the challenges are a temporary phenomenon. The robust global demand on specialty chemicals
fronts owing to shift in market share from China would benefit the sector over next few years”, Dr
Chaturvedi said.
As one of largest manufacturers of Ethyl Acetate, the Company will strengthen its position in the
‘green solvent’ market by increasing its capacity by 20% to 120,000 MTPA from 100,000 MTPA
before the end of current fiscal. The investment of Rs 15 Crore for this capex is being funded

through internal accruals only. Ethyl Acetate is widely used in Printing & Packing Industry,
Adhesives, Agrochemicals & Pesticides industry, pharmaceuticals industry and cosmetics industry.
The Company will also be making further in-roads into western markets of India through a new
plant for specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals intermediates. This project, which is expected
to be completed in 18 months, will require investment of Rs 300 crore. Through this plant, the
Company’s objective is to increase its market share in the domestic market as well as cater to
international customers.
About IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited (IOLCP)
Company was established in 1986, listed on National Stock Exchange of India Ltd (Code: IOLCP)
and BSE Ltd (Code: 524164) is one of the leading pharmaceutical (APIs) Company and is significant
player in the specialty chemicals space with world class facilities. IOLCP has wide presence across
major therapeutic categories like, Pain Management, anti-convulsants, antidiabetes, anti-
cholesterol and anti-platelets.
The Company’s product portfolio includes APIs; Ibuprofen, Metformin, Fenofibrate, Clopidogrel,
Lamotrigine, Pantoprazole, Paracetamol and specialty chemicals such as Ethyl Acetate, Iso Butyl
Benzene, Mono Chloro Acetic Acid and Acetyl Chloride.
Company is World’s largest producer of the Ibuprofen with an installed capacity of 12,000 TPA
and having backward integrated manufacturing facility. The Company has DSIR approved R&D
which is fully equipped to validate existing processes.
The Central and State Government approved Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) had been set up with
Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system along with 17 MW captive Co-Generation plant for self –
reliance. The Company is ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certified.
IOLCP’s overseas customers are spread out across several countries including UK, Belgium,
Hungry, Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Ireland, USA, Peru, Brazil,
Argentina, Colombia, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Bangladesh, Turkey, U.A.E., China, Hong
Kong, Egypt etc. Products are sold primarily to Branded Generic formulators both in India &
This document may contain statement which reflect management’s current views and estimates
and could be construed as forward looking statements. The future involves certain risks and
uncertainties, and could cause actual results to differ materially for the current views being
expressed. Potential risks and uncertainties include factors as general economic conditions, foreign
exchange fluctuation, pricing pressures, competition and regulatory developments.

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