Director Arun Matheswaran Comments On Keerthi Suresh And Selvaragavan Co-Starring In Sani Kaitham

Film director Arun Matheswaran, who caught everyone’s attention with his first hit film Rocky, is now excited to make his world premiere on May 6 with his next blockbuster film ‘Sani Kaitham’ Prime Video. Famous actress Keerthi Suresh and renowned director Selvaragavan have co-starred in this action-drama with a vengeance plot. Leading the audience to the edge of the seat, the thrilling film depicts the true story of a generational curse in which an injustice is done to the heroine and her family.

Director Arun Matheswaran says about Keerthi Suresh’s versatile role in the lead role, “I was amazed by his performance in Mahanadi. So I kept in mind in my mind that he would be suitable for this film when Sani takes the injury. The role he plays in this film is an innovative role he has never done before. I was confident that he would definitely fit right into this. He was my first choice because fans will love him for his innovative look. I am very happy that he accepted the role. ” said

The director said, “Selva is a well-known and well-known director in the film industry. I thought it would be a good choice for him to take on this role.” said
Commenting on the context in which director Selvara approached Saran Kayitam to express his desire to act in the film, Arun said, “It was easy to approach Selva Sara as Siddharth (Creative Producer) was a close friend of Selva Sar. I met him and told him the story, and he just wanted to catch the story. “

Commenting on his experience directing a famous director, Arun said, “I saw him as a director, will he give advice? Or are there creative differences due to differences in our views? I thought so. But he just thought of himself as an actor and me as a director and completely trusted me and falsified my unnecessary doubts. ” said.

Produced under the banner of ScreenSean Media, the movie Sani Kaitham will be screened worldwide exclusively on May 6 on Prime Video. The film will be released in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu (under the name Chinni)

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