Travelers Note Movie Review

We were ruining the next person’s life offline until the cell phone was invented, and after the cell phone came along we were playing into the next person’s life online as well.

It is a film that captures all the eye-popping scenes on a cell phone and sends comments and memes without knowing what its authenticity is and sends it to the next person as it speaks loudly about the consequences for those involved in life

Actor Vidharth is fit to be poisoned as an ordinary middle class family man. He is acting with a special ability in this film, adding justice to each character he accepts. Vidharth has brilliantly played the role of the deaf and dumb.

Vidharth, who has lived up to that character by taking the word so incessantly on the scale that we should not understand what he is talking about, has kept the mountain of forgiveness until he unknowingly ruined his life in the climax scene.

We can be sure that he will get this year’s top awards- if he does not get it then it is not his fault but the fault of the award committee. Vidharth, who has acted without a drop of heroism, is very much like ‘Yadharth ..!’

Lakshmi Priya, who happens to be his wife, has a small role to play but he keeps enjoying everything with his natural acting in the space available. It seems that a man can deal with any problem, especially if his wife is in a place where her husband is in tears.

Both of them who have played the children of Vidarth come in a wonderful selection. The boy who misunderstood his father and later found out the truth and played the blindfolded teenage son fills his mind.

Karunakaran is coming as another hero close to Vidarth. Coming back to Dubai he falls head over heels in love with his little girlfriend and keeps laughing at her dad where the girl is going to ask. 

Karunakaran has been identified as one of the best character actors who has acted out of humor beyond the sense of guilt and fear that the sin he has committed will come back to haunt him from the moment he realizes that a mistake he naturally makes will turn Vidarth’s life upside down.

Masam Shankar, who happens to be his romantic wife, fills the role with beauty and size. Even on the first night, without even touching herself, without saying a single word of desire, the loneliness of her husband, without feeling sorry for herself, is the suffering of ‘Masam ..!’

Director SB Sakthivel has captured a thin thread bought from Malayalam cinema and conveyed a message to today’s society.

Aesthetics would have added even more vibrancy if the scenes had been slow-moving there. At the same time, it would have been even more admirable if Karunakaran, who has been married for several days and has not even touched his wife’s, had finally solved the problem and celebrated his first night with his wife.

The faces of Karunakaran’s mother, sister and friends naturally act and make a name for themselves. The character of Inspector Frame, who gives a different sentence, is also Frame.

Cinematography in Chennai has many angles. This will be the most used film after the arrival of the Metro train. Almost every metro train has become a part of it.

Depending on the nature of the film, the songs and the background music sound aesthetically pleasing.

The film, which airs live on the Aha ODT site, will no doubt make the entire family watch and say Aha.

Pay attention to the passengers – enjoy and travel ..!

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