Chennai Enviro offers prompt redressal of grievances on abandoned waste in the city through their toll-free services at 1800 833 5656.

Chennai Enviro Solutions, a fully owned subsidiary of Re Sustainability Limited., will empower Chennaites with toll-free grievance handling of concerns about unattended waste through the number 1800 8335656. This initiative is part of their commitment to ensuring efficient waste management across the city. The company will address issues around any waste accumulation, foul smell, or improper waste disposal practices.

Providing a toll-free service will help reassert the company’s commitment to keeping the city clean and achieving the Greater Chennai Corporation’s vision of 100 percent waste segregation at source. The system will allow residents to report grievances about the unattended waste that causes inconvenience and public nuisance. Grievances will be addressed by trained professionals at the state-of-the-art command and control centre that operates 24/7. This is an effective way to help identify problems and provide quick fixes.

Chennai Enviro has signed an eight-year contract with the Greater Chennai Corporation to design and implement an IoT-enabled solid waste collection system. It has its waste collection system in place, covering 4 zones in Chennai, including Tiruvottriyur (Zone 1), Manali (Zone 2), Madhavaram (Zone 3), and Ambattur (Zone 7). The company has made a significant difference in the sustainability quotient of the city, with Manali being the first to achieve a remarkable rate of 95% source segregation, led by an all-women squad in blue.

Streamlining processes further, Chennai Enviro has taken its service a notch up with this dedicated public-interest service. The townsfolk no longer have to wait and bear with problems arising from abandoned waste. Chennai Enviro is here to resolve all your concerns at 1800-833-5656, their toll-free number.

About Re Sustainability Limited:
Re Sustainability Limited (ReSL), a KKR-backed company, is one of Asia’s leading providers of comprehensive environmental management services.
ReSL offers a whole gamut of environmental services and infrastructure solutions under various categories such as waste management (hazardous, municipal, and biomedical), MAR POL, construction waste, and e-waste; waste to energy; recycling (sewage, paper, plastic, and integrated waste); environmental solutions (remediation, ETPs, and wastewater treatment); automated car park management; and facilities management.
ReSL has a growing global footprint, including over 85 operating locations spread across India, Singapore, the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Tanzania, and the USA. With over 25 years of operational history, the organisation has a dominant presence across the entire waste value chain and has been a long-standing partner in the environmental solutions space for its customers.

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