The International Conference on Advances in Molecular
Diagnostics and Precision Medicine (AMDP-2022)

The International Conference on Advances in
Molecular Diagnostics and Precision Medicine (AMDP) began on 15 th
September 2022 at Anna University, Chennai and will continue till 17 th
September. The conference revolves around various facets of Molecular
Diagnostics and Precision Medicine as the major area and Drug discovery and
Development and Nanotechnology as parallel sessions. The conference has
attracted over 800 delegates that include experts from the field of Molecular
Diagnostics, Personalized Cancer Therapies, Infectious Diseases, Rare Diseases,
Bio-Nanotechnology, etc. Apart from insights from some of the best minds in
medicine and medical technology, the conference also hosts investors who are
interested to explore emerging technologies.
AMDP 2022 also witnesses product launches by MagGenome Technologies Pvt
Ltd. They have specifically strengthened the sector of medical diagnostics by
launching XpressAutoMag range of products for DNA and RNA extraction from
biological samples. These unique products will fill the gap in the current
market by providing DNA extraction using MagGenome’s proprietary Magnetic
Nano Particle (MNP) technology that will improve efficiency, and reduce time
and cost for the general public. This has applications in doing faster tests for
the general public as well as for large-scale industries.
DNA and RNA extraction using MNP technology will improve yield, purity and
quality in comparison to the currently existing solutions in India. Additionally,
MagGenome’s flexible, automated nucleic acid extraction platform will provide
stable and reproducible results at a low cost. This technology will effectively
avoid cross-contamination and ensure high quality of extracted nucleic acids
and will further enhance global applications in research and diagnostic
capabilities in the field of molecular diagnostics and genomics. This will also

AMDP Conference Press Release
strengthen ‘Made in India products for the World’ in the clinical diagnostics
Several speakers and participants from Life Sciences and Diagnostics
companies like MagGenome Technologies Pvt Ltd, KMTC, KLIP, Genes2me,
Neuberg diagnostics, Nanostrings, Premas Biotech, Levim Biotech, SPT Labtech,
ThermoFisher Scientific, Bioengineering, GenNext Genomics Pvt Ltd., iOrbitz
and Institutes like CCMB, IGIB, NCBS, CDFD, AIIMS, and CHARUSAT will attend
the event. The Patron of the conference is Mr.Sam Santhosh. Dr.CN Ramchand
and Dr.S Meenakshi Sundaram are the Conference Conveners and
Dr.Aniruddha Bhati is the Organising Secretary.
AMDP-2022 is the first of its kind, organised by SciGenom Research Foundation
(SGRF), a not-for-profit organization, that works toward promoting Science in
India through research and education, with a specific focus on Molecular
Diagnostics and Precision Medicine. AMDP hosted well-known dignitaries in
the field coming together to augment their research activities with Indian
scientists and companies as partners. This will provide a much-needed boost to
the research in these sectors that shows promise to deal with communicable
and non-communicable diseases around the world. The program also includes
a ‘Healthcare Investors Panel discussion’ which will be moderated by Mr Sam
Santhosh, a well-known Healthcare Investor and Chairman of SciGenom group
of companies. The other investors that are present at the event include 3ONE4
Capital, TPG, Eight Roads, Leapfrog investments and Sofina to list a few.
The Conference will also provide student scholarships, poster awards, young
scientist awards and lifetime achievement awards to deserving candidates and
proven performers in the field.

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